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Got a QME Report that you suspect is messed up?  Do you think that the Physical Exam may not qualify as an "adequate" exam (and therefore not substantial medical evidence under Escobedo)) under the AMA Guides?  Do you sense that the Impairment rating is over or understated?  Do you think that the examinee could qualify for higher Impairment under Almarez Guzman?  Do you think that the QME/AME is blowing smoke on the Apportionment determination?


Most QME/AME Reports are such gibberish that they make no sense whatsoever.  Give me a call and I will point out all the errors, commisions, and omissions present in EVERY medical legal Report. 


Available M-Fri 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  Have then QME Report and any other relevant materials - such as Diagnostic Studies - available when we speak.  Call 800-676-8127.  First 15 minutes $25.00.

Workers Compensation Law Legal Specialist Attorneys receive 6 Hours "participatory" credits.


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